When I began my research I never dreamed that I would find that my ancestors were clergymen, mercers, bankers or annuitants; in fact I had to look the last occupation up as I had never heard of it before!

I was also surprised by the sources of information to hand from the Internet and from the various genealogy societies and archives which have provided an understanding of the life and times our ancestors lived in. Some of the interesting pieces of social history have come from early banking, university education, the Clergy and the military.

Following some of the siblings from the main Wood Family branch has taken my research to Lincolnshire, France and New Zealand, another has gone from Middlesex to Hampshire, not quite so exotic, but interesting, none the less. One cousin chose a career path in the Army which took him to Ireland, and sadly, his death at a very young age.

The 20th century saw diverse paths taken by various Wood cousins; a Goalkeeper for Leeds United FC, careers in the Navy for several members of the family, an estate agents business - culminating in a high flying helicoptor hobby pilot!

My research has resulted in providing a picture of the people who came before us and what has been handed down to us, which makes us what we are!

The journey begins with:

Direct Line:

Harold 1926 - 2008

Ottiwell 1890 - 1935

John Rider 1864 - ? 1904/5

Ottiwell Wood 1841 - 1869

John Rider 1811 - 1851